Update to Meal Plan #1!

Taco SaladIt’s time to get real.

Howdy, folks! Okay, so yesterday I sent out the actual meal plan that my wife and I will be eating this week. If you’ve looked at it, you’ve probably seen some things you may not be able to enjoy(due to the fact we’ll be traveling to New Mexico this weekend!). Anyway, I didn’t want to leave you alone out in the burning desert sun, so I will suggest a couple options for this weekend.

Friday night:

ribeye steaks are one of the loss-leaders are HEB this week! So enjoy a couple nice medium-rare grilled steaks with asparagus or broccoli!

Tip: if you buy bigger steaks, then use the leftovers in an egg scramble the next morning:)

I like having small lunches(or even just ultra late breakfasts) and then spending some more time on a really good dinner. Like this wonderful Sweet Potato Salad. It’s vegan and delicious, and a little time intensive but so worth it!

My wife and I are usually strapped for time Sunday mornings and  breakfast tends to be skimpy. While most people like to go out to eat after church for lunch(we occasionally indulge in this as well), we find it fun to make a killer meal and have some friends or family or neighbors over. Aaaand if we’re feeling a little hungry and lazy, there’s always the perfect solution: leftovers!(you are cooking plenty of food each meal so you have leftovers, right?!)

Things that changed on my list:
Our MC(Missional Community, our church’s equivalent of home groups) is having appetizer night on Tuesday. The American idea of appetizers is virtually never Paleo and I realized this about a year ago. Thus, I decided to take a well-loved app and Paleo-ify it: the bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeño. Bacon, great. jalapeño, great. the cream cheese insides? not so great. I make these by replacing the cream cheese filling with avocado and they are wicked good. There’s also the option of only replacing half the cream cheese with avocado, for at least a healthier version.

So long and thanks for all the fish!
We will reconvene next week with more meals and I will be enjoying the sweet crisp air of the Land of Enchantment over the weekend.

-Tom Eats


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