Meal Plan #4!

Curry Chicken Pic
Curry chicken, Paleo naan, and kale chips from last week.

Hello, again!

This week is going to be low cooking because my wife and I are going to be driving one state over to New Mexico for the entirety of Thanksgiving week! That means, we’ll make a couple big meals and eat the leftovers throughout the week so we aren’t left with food in the refrigerator that will go bad. It also means that I’m going to take a big bag of pork out of the freezer and spread it as far as I can.

But first, let’s talk some Paleo Theory.

My wife and I were talking recently about how much better we feel(and how many compliments we receive) after eating Paleo for the past year. I find myself occasionally having to fight for what I’ve learned is right against what I’ve been told is right.

Growing up and in college, I was always buying things labelled “low-fat” or “sugar-free” thinking that was the healthy stuff. But if I was eating so “healthy” how come my health was terrible? I was overweight, tired, restless, and out of shape. After finding Paleo, I threw that old conventional thought out the window and into the compost bin. Most people that only listen to what TV ads and the front pages of magazines tell them about healthy food would gasp! But hey, we can’t argue with results. I used to eat oatmeal or “heart-healthy” cereal for breakfast everyday. My wife and i have bacon and eggs most days for breakfast and guess what? Her cholesterol has decreased to a normal level, we’ve lost 75lbs between the two of us, and we don’t get those big afternoon sleepies anymore!

Okay, if you’re not convinced, I don’t know what else to tell you. I bring this up, because we’ve had multiple people in recent weeks ask us about our “secret” or tell us how they’re trying to eat “healthy” too (sorry, that sugar-free pudding mix is not doing you any favors). Anyway, off my soapbox and onto the meal plan!

Have a good week and next week I’ll send out some Paleo-ified Turkey Day recipes that’ll rival even your grandmother’s most prized dishes!

Monkey cereal, bacon, and bulletproof coffee(coffee blended in our NutriNinja with grass-fed unsalted butter and coconut oil).

leftover meatballs and salad

Taco salad – spinach leaves, organic grass-fed ground beef, homemade taco seasoning, avocado, and local salsa.

Eggs cooked in ghee and bacon (get nitrite and nitrate free is you can)

Leftover taco salad

Korean Style Pork Chops (I’ll be making this a double recipe to last for lunch and dinner for the rest of the week!)

If it looks like we’ll need to make some more food before our vehicular departure, I plan on making some of this French Onion Soup* that we can also take with us on the trip.

*I specifically chose a French recipe to say that my heart goes out to all those affected by the events Friday night.


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