Meal Plan #9

The importance of eating seasonally.


Eat seasonally! But why? a) It’s cheaper. b) The amount of processing and genetic modification a food has to go through to be produced off-season is much higher than it would be otherwise. In general, a food produced during it’s proper season doesn’t have to travel as far to get to your grocery store either. I would challenge you to find a farmer’s market close to where you live and visit it in the next couple weeks. Try to get as many vegetables as you can. Anything the local farmers are selling is going to be in season and (obviously) local. You can do it. I believe in you!

Anyways, here’s some paleo ideas for meals this week.
-Tom Eats

Meal Plan #9

Eggs cooked in ghee, sausage, vegetable medley.

Leftovers from the night before, apple, cherries or grapes. Paleo cookie.

Sausage and cabbage skillet – I was surprised how delicious this turned out to be!
Vegetable soup – I usually just chop and throw a bunch of root veggies into a crock pot with some chicken stock and let it simmer with a couple different spices. Goes a long way and it’s packed with veggies.
Cuban Mojo Pork – I’m always a fan of using what we’ve got. I chose this recipe because we had on hand almost all the ingredients except the pork!
Taco salad – We made lettuce wrap burgers last week when we had some people over for dinner. I use the leftover beef patties on a taco salad, just add some chili powder, cumin, salsa, avocado, and lettuce (and whatever else you associate with taco salad but that’s usually how mine look).


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