What’s your goal? Meal Plan #17


Hello friends!

I hope this email finds you all well. I like to talk about making happy and healthy individuals through the paleo lifestyle, but what does that really mean? Well, the easy answer is it means different things to different people.

To me, being happy and healthy means being able to enjoy my life to the fullest and do things that I enjoy without my physical fitness slowing me down (want to go for a 5-mile hike tomorrow? Yes! A 10-mile bike ride? Hecks yeah! Join me for some rock climbing this weekend? Sure!). Also, here’s some shocking statistics from the CDC: 1 in 3 US adults are obese, 1 in 5 for youths, 52% of Americans do not meet the recommendations for aerobic activity, about half of US adults have one or more major risks for heart disease or stroke, about 1 in 4 adults said they eat vegetables less than once per day. Once per day.

Health care spending in the US is in the trillions of dollars. The average American takes 2.2 prescription drugs per day. It is said there are three big areas where your money goes: housing, transportation, and food. In America, We can add a fourth one: healthcare. I spend more on food in the hopes that it will pay long-term dividends and I will spend less on healthcare than the ‘average’ American in the future. Besides the costs, I don’t want to be chained to a pill bottle for the rest of my life. This is what it means for me to be happy and healthy. Maybe it means something different for you. Maybe it means being able to walk up a flight of stairs without being winded, or be able to walk around the block by yourself when you’re 80 or 90 (or maybe 100!) years old. Maybe it means being able to climb mountains, fit in your favorite pair of jeans, be confident in front of a mirror, or whatever!

It helps to take some time to think about it. Assess where you are, where you want to be. Make some goals. Don’t just keep going with no goal in sight (or stopping to take a look at how far you’ve come!). Remember: ‘If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.’

Anyways! Enjoy your week and this meal plan!

~Tom Eats


Meal Plan #17

Paleo Chicken Tenders & Asparagus – These chicken tenders were actually really easy. It helps to follow this recipe’s method of 3 separate coating dishes for the chicken. And since they’re baked, you don’t have to worry about a ton of oil (of course, deep frying is an option, just stay away from vegetable oils). I usually sauté asparagus in ghee (or bacon fat) and season with salt, pepper, and paprika.

Shrimp Stir-Fry – This is another one of those ‘dump meals’ I use to get rid of some of the vegetables I have sitting around the house. Any meat will work, I chose shrimp this time because it sounded good. I usually just season the veggies with some rice vinegar, sesame oil and cook in coconut aminos (a paleo substitute for soy sauce, tastes just as good).

Spaghetti Squash Pasta – You can use spaghetti squash instead of flour noodles for you favorite pasta dish! The look and texture is very similar to noodles and the taste is a little mild, so it works well as a paleo substitute. Use this recipe to make the spaghetti squash (it’s wicked easy).

Paleo Pancakes – Only 3 ingredients: eggs, bananas, and cinnamon. Sometimes I add some coconut flour to thicken it up a bit. These are great and go well with some bacon. (Note: pure maple syrup IS paleo, but use sparingly and read the label to make sure it’s real.)

Make some Kale Chips! – Crazy easy and delicious and superbly healthy. Much better than cracker snacks or potato chips!

Have a good week and have some happy healthy eating!

Tom is also involved with Globe & Crown Publishing and Podcast, and The Surreal Appeal Art & Jewelry. Celebrate art and creativity by checking them out!


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