Meat in Paleo – (Indian) Meal Plan #20


Hello, friends!

I hope this email finds you well! This meal plan is made up of dinners based on traditional Indian recipes. I LOVE Indian food. And to make some really delicious, really healthy Indian food at home is so easy. Most Indian dishes have a lot of spices, vegetables, and coconut milk. Not as meat-centric as a typical Western spread.

I’ve heard a lot of people think that eating paleo is mostly just eating steak and bacon and maybe a little side salad if they feel like it. Sure, if you’re doing paleo as a “quick-fix weight-loss program,” that can fly, but it doesn’t fit in with the real paleo mindset (the people who are in it to win it!) Changing what someone does is one thing, but changing what someone thinks is a whole ‘nother ball game! Meat is definitely a part of it, but the mindset of most Americans has been shifted to believe that meat makes the meal, everything else is just supplemental. The paleo mindset focuses on meats and vegetables.

Check out this graphic, I think it sums up a typical paleo ‘plate’ pretty well.



Veggies are a big deal and they have to be there! Make them a priority in your meals!

Anyway, all that’s to say don’t neglect the veggies (we’re not meatheads!)

-Tom Eats

Meal Plan #20


Eggs, bacon, green smoothies. I really love this for breakfast. It has everything I need and fills me up. Really gets my days off to a great start!


Leftovers from the night before (as per usual). And I am trying to meal prep at the beginning of the week so that if my wife and I end up feeding someone else (or being fed by someone else) and don’t have leftovers, we aren’t left without a lunch the next day! Meal prep: roasted chicken breast, broccoli, and sweet potato.


Butter Chicken – The garam masala spice is a must for Indian food! Fenugreek, cardamom, and brown sugar are not entirely necessary.

Chicken Tikka Masala – Yeah, yeah. typical Indian dish, but this recipe is probably one of the most delicious paleo recipes I’ve ever tried!

Fried Dill Potatoes – Great Indian paleo recipe with white potatoes. Note: white potatoes are a starch, not technically a vegetable. Most people consider them to be a paleo “gray area.” They should be consumed rarely (french fries are not paleo).

Paleo naan – This stuff is so good! A great substitute if you can’t have Indian food without naan. However, this recipe uses non-wheat flours and non-dairy milk and that’s about it. Making it a good substitution over the traditional stuff, but it doesn’t really carry any beneficial ingredients. One of those “not as bad for you” type of things. On the plus side, tastes great, similar to traditional naan and easy to make!

Sabji (sautéed cabbage) – I love to serve this with other Indian dishes/curries. It’s basically just same spiced sautéed veggies, mostly cabbage. Goes great mixed in to other saucier dishes!

Have a great week and happy cooking!


Happy Easter! – Meal Plan #18

Happy Easter, y’all!


I hope you are enjoying this day of celebration! As a christian, this is a super important day. As humans in general, we often celebrate moments occasions with food. Fourth of July BBQ, Thanksgiving dinner, birthday cake, etc. Food is one of our natural rhythms of life. It’s part of being a healthy, happy individual.

I remember when I was young and thoughts on the future including meals in pill form (or those protein blocks from Snowpiercer!). How lame would that be?! Seriously, take a pill and that’s it?! No interaction with others? No taking time to slow down and smell the sweet aroma of the delicious plate in front of you? A future where we don’t have time to enjoy the wonderful goodness of food is not one that sounds good to me!

So, this week, take some time to enjoy each meal. Look at every meal as a gift that we get to take pleasure in. Spend dedicated time to eat with others, to appreciate the look and smell of your food before you strap on the feedbag and gorge yourself!

Anyways, hope you have a great week and onto the meal plan!

-Tom Eats

Meal Plan #18


I experimented with serving up some green smoothies (1/2 banana, 1/2 cup packed spinach, 1 tbsp almond butter, 1 cup coconut milk) with the usual eggs for breakfast and really enjoyed it!


I love leftovers for lunch but I’m thinking of trying some meal prepping (note the difference between meal planning) this week with baked chicken and steamed veggies packed up and ready to go each day for lunch.


Sausage, egg, sweet potato skillet – You should be able to find some nitrite and nitrate free sausage at your local grocer. Cook it in a pan, put in a bowl and set aside, add some olive oil and cook chopped sweet potato, add some kale and eggs, then throw the sausage back in! (Optional: add onions, peppers, mushrooms, whatever!)

Cabbage and Sausage Skillet – Yes, I love skillets. There’s a satisfaction in only having to use one dish. Plus, meat and veggies are mixed together so you don’t have to worry about serving sizes for each. This recipe is great, but I like to add a little mustard to mine, too.

Zucchini pasta – So, i couldn’t get my grubby little paws on some spaghetti squash, but chose to sub in zucchini. I sliced it long and thin and sautéed it in olive oil with onion and mushrooms and added some pasta sauce (you should be able to find one that only has natural ingredients but read the label!).

Chicken and Avocado Caesar Salad – If you feel like you’re not getting enough veggies during the day, check out this salad. One of the reasons I don’t usually post salads is because most people associate salads with “diets” and paleo is a lifestyle, not a fad diet. Eating like we used to without all the processed junk food. So, I like to show a lot of ‘regular meals’ that have meats and veggies and aren’t salads. Just a personal preference.

Chicken Salad with Avocado – I know, another chicken and avocado salad? This one is more like traditional chicken salad: shredded chicken, creamy texture, etc. I used to make this all the time as a quick easy dinner or lunch to take somewhere. Also, adding hard-boiled egg is great!

Enjoy the cooking and the eating!

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